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Updated October 23, 2009 (added tattoo from Pedro). If you'd like to share your Planescape tattoo, please email the photos to hoopyfroop at yahoo.com. Thanks.

Here is the newest addition, from Pedro.

Here is a tattoo of the Symbol of Torment, without Deionarra's ghost. This one comes from Nessa. The first is within minutes of getting it, the second is after it healed.

This is a photo of the Symbol of Torment that Vinícius sent.

This is a photo that John sent me of his tattoo of the Symbol of Torment.

This is Kalle's tattoo of the Symbol of Torment. There is a great old archived forum discussion about the tattoo.

Marianne's tattoo.

BAD's tattoo.

Laranzu's tattoo.

Richard Nixon's tattoo.

Ian's tattoo.

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